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Preparing for Football 

There’s a few details to take care of before sending your child off to Newton Leys Stars. Please read all sections carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly. Health and Safety is hugely important at Newton Leys Stars.

Kids Short Version.

Covering the Bases

You’ll find everything you need regarding FA rules & Regulations. Make sure to go through this section carefully, as it provides parents with important information about Newton Leys Stars.

Every Child and Adult require a Fan number from the FA to do this click on link and register yourself and child for a FAN number.

The Fees are monthly and cover costings for the club to run. Example cost of pitches, markings, referees, insurance, league costs etc…We as a club do our very best to gain sponsorships, grants and fund raising to ease the amount.
Child’s FEE’s £20.00 per calendar month.


We at Newton Leys Stars take Safeguarding very serious to protect all those with in and outside the club.
Welfare Officer for our club is Mr Ramos.
Link below is a direct email only to the Welfare Team all in strict confidence and dealt with according to the FA standards and regulations.

Registration & FA Policy: Registrations & FA Safeguarding
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